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Project deliverables

No. Title Date Status
D7.01 Public Project Website, Flyer & Templates Nov-13 confidential document, public deliverable
D1.01 Specification Use Cases Jan-14 restricted
D1.02 Attack Model Jan-14 restricted
D1.03 Security Requirements Apr-14 restricted
D4.01 Preliminary Security Model Apr-14 public
D1.04 Common Reference Architecture Jul-14 public
D5.01 Framework Architecture, Tool Flow and APIs Jul-14 restricted
D2.01 Early White-Box Cryptography and Data Obfuscation Report Oct-14 public
D2.02 Binary Code Splitting Support Oct-14 confidential
D2.03 Binary Code Splitting & Obfuscation Report Oct-14 public
D3.01 Preliminary Online Protections Report Oct-14 public
D4.02 Preliminary Complexity Metrics Oct-14 public
D5.02 ASPIRE Offline Compiler Tool Chain Oct-14 confidential
D5.03 ASPIRE Offline Compiler Tool Chain Report Oct-14 public
D6.01 Use Case Applications Oct-14 confidential
D7.02 Dissemination Plan Oct-14 public
D7.03 Preliminary Exploitation Plan Oct-14 confidential
D2.04 White-box Crypto Library and Code Generation May-15 confidential
D2.05 Binary Code Obfuscation Support May-15 confidential
D2.06 Binary Code Obfuscation Report May-15 Public
D3.02 Preliminary Online Protections Support May-15 confidential
D5.04 ASPIRE Offline Protection Tool Chain May-15 confidential
D2.07 Offline Code Protection Support Oct-15 confidential
D2.08 ASPIRE Offline Code Protection Report Nov-15 public
D3.03 Client-Server Splitting and Client Mobile Code Support Nov-15 confidential
D3.04 Intermediate Online Protections Report Nov-15 public
D4.03 Security Model, Knowledge Base, Human Experiments Nov-15 public
D5.05 Preliminary ASPIRE Online Protection Tool Chain Nov-15 confidential
D5.06 Preliminary ASPIRE Online Protection Tool Chain Report Nov-15 public
D5.07 Software Protection Dependency Model Nov-15 restricted
D7.04 Exploitation Plan Nov-15 confidential
D1.05 Intermediate Validation, Requirements & Architecture Update Nov-15 restricted
D2.09 Finalized Anti-Tampering Support Apr-16 confidential
D2.10 Anti-Tampering Report Apr-16 public
D3.05 Remote Attestation and Server Mobile Code Support Apr-16 confidential
D3.06 Remote Attestation and Server Mobile Code Report Apr-16 public
D4.04 Security Evaluation, Advanced Human Experiments Apr-16 public
D4.05 Public Challenge Apr-16 public
D5.08 ASPIRE Online Protection Framework Apr-16 confidential
D6.02 Demonstration Plan May-16 restricted
D3.07 Renewability Support Jul-16 confidential
D3.08 Renewability Report Jul-16 public
D5.09 ASPIRE Renewable Protection Framework Jul-16 confidential
D1.06 ASPIRE Validation Oct-16 public
D3.09 ASPIRE Online Protections Oct-16 public
D4.06 ASPIRE Security Evaluation Methodology Oct-16 public
D5.10 ASPIRE Framework Oct-16 confidential
D5.11 ASPIRE Framework Report Oct-16 public
D5.12 ASPIRE Open Source Code Oct-16 public
D5.13 ASPIRE Open Source Manual Oct-16 public
D6.03 ASPIRE Demonstration Oct-16 public
D7.05 Dissemination Report Oct-16 public
D7.06 Exploitation Report Oct-16 confidential
  Final project report   public