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Ghent University (UGent)

Ghent University was founded in 1817, and after decades of uninterrupted growth, it is one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in the Low Countries. Ghent University offers high-quality, research-based education in all academic disciplines. Today, Ghent University attracts over 34,000 students, with a foreign student population of over 1,100 EU citizens and some 1,000 students from non-EU countries. Excluding the Ghent University Hospital, the university employs 6800 staff members, including 912 professors. Its research budget for 2011 was €230M. The Computer Systems Lab (CSL) of UGent's engineering faculty will participate in this project. The lab (56 researchers, incl. 8 faculty) is part of the Electronics and Information Systems Department.

Bjorn De Sutter

Principal Investigator
Bjorn De Sutter

Key People
Koen De Bosschere
Jonas Maebe
Bart Coppens
Jens Van den Broeck
Sander Bogaert