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Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, is a private non-profit research centre working for the public interest. Established by the government of Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy), FBK conducts research in the areas of Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Mathematics, Italo-Germanic Historical Studies and Religious Sciences.
The 50-year-old FBK has an annual balance of 111M Euro and an annual turnover of 45M Euro (da-ta of 2011). FBK employs 350 researchers, graduates, post-doc students, and visiting professors. FBK is organized in 6 research centres, 7 laboratories, 3 specialised libraries open to external visi-tors, and a number of field projects active across the Province’s territory. FBK has generated 14 spin-offs, start-ups and joint ventures.
The Software Engineering (SE) research unit investigates innovative methods and techniques for the development, the comprehension and the evolution of software having, among the others, the following quality attributes: adaptability, modularity, understandability, modifiability and reliabil-ity. The team consists of around 14 researchers.

Mariano Ceccato

Principal Investigator
Mariano Ceccato

Key People
Paolo Tonella
Roberto Tiella
Andrea Avanani